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My names Glen Campbell, I’m a AIPP Master photographer with over 20 years experience behind a camera. I love to travel, explore and photograph wild light.


Thanks for visiting  and welcome to the Lightstalkers Scotland website. I’ve been guiding photography workshops in Scotland since my return to the Highlands in 2009. Before that I was exploring and photographing Australia where I called home for 12 years. I studied Visual  Art – Applied Photography in Melbourne, Australia and that’s where I first started guiding and teaching photography in 2004 .

Now back in Scotland I’ve welcomed hundreds of photographers  from around the globe, guiding them to some of the most breathtaking, iconic and remote landscapes in these British Isles. I love the Highlands and I love Scotland.  Having a passion for the land,  the light, the weather and ancient geography of this special part of the world is something that never leaves you. I should know.

Lightstalkers Scotland  tours run mainly out of the Highland capital, Inverness. In the coming months some future tours and workshops will also run from around the nations capital Edinburgh and near St Andrews in Fife, so watch this space. On our adventures whether for a day or longer we welcome  both  beginners and advanced clients. Beginners looking for some valuable lessons and tips at the beginning of their photography journey and  the more serious enthusiasts that seek out the magical light and landscape that only Scotland can produce. Plus everybody in between, you are all welcome.

As an AIPP a multi award winning Master Photographer ( sounds impressive ) this means that I’ve won a whole bunch of photography awards, which I guess also means that I should know how to take a decent image. However … more importantly for you, is that I am able to educate, guide, put together  and organise an inspiring travel and photography experience for you my potential and valued client.

This I have done, many times, and if you visit the testimonials page within, you’ll be able to see some of the kind words my Lightstalker’s clients and new found friends have left behind.  I’ve also worked in the fields  of corporate, commercial, news and wedding and portrait photography. all contributing invaluable experience to my photographic journey.

The Experience

Technical experience, exploring our creative side, guiding and managing locations is all part of what I can offer to give you a better understanding,  an in-depth knowledge of creative landscape and travel photography. Inspired by the likes of Ansel Adams, Peter Dombrovskis and Galen Rowel my message is simple, but effective.

Carefully researching locations and piecing them together and bringing you to the best locations at the right time does not happen by luck ( although a little helps ) but by meticulous planning and knowledge of the subject. Being in the right place at the right time.

Keeping it simple and explaining in a language that you can understand with a “need to know practical approach” has been proven over the years to get the results, build confidence and gain an understanding of the art of photography that works.

As Tim Cope (National Geographic Adventure Honoree 2007 –  Australian Adventurer of the year 2006) puts it

“By reducing the art of photography to its essence, and explaining in simple English how my digital camera could best be taken advantage of, I found myself looking through the lens with a new found inspiration and the confidence to nail the images I dream of capturing.Glen powerfully demonstrated that even the most advanced equipment is just a tool that will only work with sound knowledge of the basic principles of photography. 

Honours and Awards

It’s great to win awards for recognition but these days I don’t because I don’t enter. Personally for  me there is nothing to be gained for being continually recognised for taking a great photographs. Once you have proven your ability to yourself and  your peers you are done. You are there. 

In 2005 I became an Associate of the AIPP and in 2007 was awarded the title of  AIPP – Master of Photography after winning a series of awards in quick succession in an unusually short period of time.  I was also awarded the Epson AIPP Victorian Landscape Photographer of the Year in both 2004 and 2005.

2009 – Gold and Silver awards SWPP/BPPA – United Kingdom
2008 – Silver award AIPP Canon Australian Professional Photographer Awards.
2007 – Honour – Master of Photography – AIPP.
2007 – Silver, silver distncn and gold awards Canon Australian Professional Photographer Awards.
2007 – Multiple silver and silver distinctions Epson Victorian Professional Photography Awards.
2006 – Multiple silver / silver distinction awards Epson Victorian Professional Photography Awards.
2006 – Gold and multiple silver awards – Canon Australian Professional Photographer Awards.
2005 – AIPP Victorian Epson Landscape Photographer of the Year.
2005 – Multiple silver / silver distinction awards Epson Victorian Professional Photography Awards.
2005 – Gold and silver awards – Canon Australian Professional Photographer Awards.
2004 – AIPP Victorian Epson Landscape Photographer of the Year.
2004 – Multiple silver and one gold award – Epson Victorian Professional Photography Awards.
2004 – Honour – Associate member – Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP)
2004 – Gold and multiple silver awards – Canon Australian Professional Photographer Awards.
2003 – Landscape / Architecture / Industrial category winner – Victorian Student of the
Year Awards.
2003 – 2 silver awards, Canon Australian Institute of Professional Photographer Awards.
2003 – Member – Australian Institute of Professional Photography
2003 – NMIT – folio of the year.
2003 – Diploma – Visual Arts / Applied Photography.
2003 – Fuji scholarship recipient.

Contact Lightstalkers Scotland

Our registered address is 1 Ardbreck Place, Lochardil, Inverness, Highland, IV24QQ, Scotland. We can be reached by phone on 07826370271 / +44 (0)1463 234317.

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Northern lights Lofoten Islands

Northern Lights, Lofoten islands Norway © Glen Campbell 2017

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 Old man of Storr Isle of SkyeThe Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye - Scotland © Glen Campbell 2017